We believe in a better, decentralised future. Our mission is to assist the development of decentralised economic and social models through smart investments, based on the ideals of sharing economy and open-source development.
Funding on seed and private sale stages

Strong network of investors, institutions, corporations and academics
Bridging top-level developers and most outstanding projects in the industry
Legal support and advice on best practices
Running nodes in order to facilitate the network of our projects
Expertise and technologies for token marketmaking
One of the ways we implement our vision into life is by connecting businesses, sharing our network and building bridges between top-level developers and the most outstanding projects. We organise meetups with the most successful and known projects in the cryptoworld.

Do you have any suggestions for meetups, a project that would be interested in sharing its vision or is your community eager to learn a certain subject (off-chain transactions, DEX'es, different protocols)?

Send us an email and we will see what we can do!